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24/7 Central Monitoring System


Q1. What is SAMS?
A1. It stands for Sentinel Alarm Monitoring Station. Q2. What is your business concept?

Q2. What is your business concept?
A2. Our business concept is based on electronic security solutions, a trend practiced in all developed countries. We aim to provide you the latest security concepts, which is not only highly effective & reliable, but also very economical. Under this programme we install alarm systems at different premises / locations & connect them to our Central Monitoring Station. Our CMS is operational 24 hrs. a day,7 days a week &365 days in a year. This works on the lines of a police control room. Immediately on detecting intrusion at our client’s facility through computerized State-of-the art intrusion detection system, our CMS staff dispatches the Rapid Response Team that would reach you within approx. 3 to 9 minutes. Assistance would then range from not only intimating your designated contacts but also the police, Fire Department & Hospital depending upon the emergency being encountered.

Q3. What is Central Monitoring Station?
A3. Central Monitoring Station is a 24 hr. operational station manned by trained staff & equipped with customized computer programmes to identify the area of intrusion and help the operator with necessary information in split seconds of the detail of the clients so that appropriate & adequate action is initiated by the CMS staff to dispatch the Mobile Rapid Response Team in the shortest possible time.

Q4. What is Rapid Response Team?
A4. Rapid Response Team would constitute a healthy mobile vehicle with armed security personnel equipped with VHF Wireless Communication System. This team would be trained to handle emergencies ranging from intrusions to fire & medical. This team would reach the effected site in the shortest possible time to provide assistance.

Q5. Who else in the Alarm Monitoring business?
A5. Other than a multinational Company aiming to cover various cities and presently in its infancy stage there are no other known monitoring stations .SAMS is a pioneer in this city providing such Monitoring & response services.

Q6. What other services do you provide?
A6. Besides monitoring & response services we also provide installation of alarm systems at various locations. The installations of such alarms are routinely checked and maintained for functional diagnostics.

Q7. What is electronic security solution?
A7. Electronic security solution is the concept of relying on security alarms & allied equipment & services dispensing with the age old system of deployment of guards.

Q8. How is control panel connected to SAMS?
A4. The control panel is connected through a telephone line with the help of a digital dialer.

Q9. What if the telephone line is clogged?
A9. In order to ensure that there is no clogging of telephone lines SAMS is equipped with a dedicated & multiline connection hunting facility.

Q10. What if the computer at the monitoring station fails?
A10. To pre-emt such a situation the monitoring station is equipped with multi-line computers with LAN connection. In this manner if for any reason one computer crashes the distress codes are picked up by a back-up computer. The client will never know the difference & monitoring services will continue un-interrupted,.

Q11. What if there is a power failure?
A11. To ensure continuity of monitoring services provision has been made for battery back-up complemented by two additional generators.

Q12. What is the action taken once the alarm is received at SAMS?
A12. Once a distress code is picked up by the Central Monitoring Station, the operator on duty shall after ascertaining the authenticity of alarm immediately dispatch the Rapid Response Team. By the time the response team reaches the effected site the control room operator shall maintain contact with the client & other designated contacts & notify the police, fire & hospital depending upon the emergency.

Q13. Does the Government approve of such services?
A13. While the police is stretching its resources to cater to a variety of its functions it would gladly receive any steps taken by a private agency that would reduce crime and apprehend criminals. Haryana Urban Development Authority(HUDA)has made it mandatory to install burglar alarms in all new constructions .Letters have also been sent to confederation Of Residents Welfare Assosiation of Faridabad informing about these orders & seeking their assistance for compliance of these orders.

Q14. What is the reaction time once the alarm is received at SAMS?
A14. Considering the central location of SAMS, trial runs reflect a reaction time of response team ranging from 3-9 minutes for most locations in the city under normal circumstances.

Q15. What type of communication sets are used?
A15. All response teams & SAMS are equipped with state-of-the-art VHF Motorola Wireless Network to facilitate quick dissemination of information.

Q16. What will these alarms cost?
A16. This would largely depend on the combination of alarm networks installed from place to place. However, in the long run this would work out to be more economical than beefing up other security measures like dogs, guards, grills& other construction measures.

Q17. Do these alarms carry any Warranty?
A17.All alarms and sensor equipment installed by SAMS shall carry a one year warranty provided by the manufacturer .Thereafter the equipment shall be maintained on annual maintenance contract basis.

Q18. Why is the CMS service so cheap?
A18. This is because our focus is to make our services affordable to the common man. In this way we intend to provide our services on the mass scale, thereby reducing the price component.

Q19. Can I buy my own alarm systems?
A19. Yes, the clients are at the liberty to choose the alarm manufacturing company of their choice. However, the system should be compatible for connection to our Central Alarm Monitoring Systems.

Q20. Can I get discount on referrals?
A20. You may contact your area representatives by calling on phone # 0129-4088888 who will then guide you on the issue, which could be designed to suit all parties in an appropriate manner.