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About us


We are a professional agency providing customised security arrangements to the industrial, commercial, and business houses. Besides Faridabad, we are actively providing security personnel to establishments in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh,Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.


To provide a team of well-trained personnel so as to relieve our clients of all vexations and bothers appertaining to their safety, security and management.

Organizational Structure

Mr Pradeep Sharma, the Managing Director, has been associated with the company since its inception. The company was founded in 1978 by his father, Late Major Ram Kumar Sharma and erstwhile Managing Director, Mr. Kuldeep Sharma. Having corporate security experience spanning over thirty years, he is an inspiration for the company to possess integrated fortitude and undiminished desire to excel. Under his guidance and motivation Sentinel shall continue to remain a bulwark of stability and responsibility for its prestigious clients.

The turbulent socio-economic ramifications have constrained front running security companies globally to restructure their scope of activities. He has thus appropriately widened the service base enabling the company to emerge stronger by weaving together a wide array of diversified services, more significantly incorporation of state-of –the-art electronic surveillance and electronic alarm systems, providing round the clock watch.

With a sharp focus on the evolving technological trends in the security industry of the 21st century, he has successfully incorporated a compliant system, vis-à-vis mandatory stipulations. Imbibing the spirit of Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA, 2005), he has provided a great


impetus to reorientation of the company to conform its entire activities to the provisions of PSARA 2005. He has been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the company, which is a pan-India entity today.


Keeping with the futuristic trends of the modern day security requirement, we are glad to state that we are among the few existing Private Security Agencies today which has acquired the hi-tech and sophisticated VHF Motorola Communication Wireless Network with two base stations at Delhi & Faridabad.
We are sure that our clients would greatly benefit from our advance communication network. In order to maintain an edge over our contemporaries we have a wide array of pagers and mobile phones provided to all the key staff. This enhances the efficiency and proficiency of our services and manifests a deep sense of commitment to contemporary communications, which play a vital role in our profession.

Discipline is of paramount importance to us

That we haven’t had even a single case of misdemeanor or pilferage is creditable achievement in itself and speaks volume about the discipline and integrity of our security personnel.Our personnel are always well turned out and smartly dressed.

Our internal affairs vigilance ensures through its constant monitoring, that these personnel do not participate in any union activity.


Additional Benefits

We also provide various other categories of unskilled manpower e.g. Housekeeping staff/operators, Helpers, Gardeners, Office Assistants etc.

On specific request and small additional fees we provide special metal detectors for frisking of employees. This creates psychological impact among the workers and helps control theft/pilferage.

We maintain a constant liaison with all relevant Govt. Departments e.g. ESI, PF, Labour departments etc. This advantage can be availed of by the management of clients at the time of distress.

At the time of labour unrest, we deploy additional security personnel at a very short notice. Our staff is also trained to co-ordinate in settling the labour and management disputes. Our rapo with the local police is of great help during such exigencies.

We regularly submit our security reports highlighting the deficiencies in our clients security build up, at the same time suggesting remedial measures wherever required.

It has been a great relief to many of our clients to have the satisfaction of delegating security relating stress in the hands of the company which has a rich expertise of more than 23 years.

Routine & Surprise Checks

• An elaborate system of monitoring performance of security guards/caretakers by routine/surprise checks by our field staff and central teams is worked out and diligently put into operation.
At local level, field officers are on vigorous tour of duty, checking each facility. They provide feed back to the Dy. Managers in the form of the field officers report on the format issued by our Head Office.

Likewise, the Managers carry out their routine and surprise checks and provide their reports to the Zonal Heads.

The Zonal Heads deliberately plan and execute their own visits to the clients’ facilities. These, also include their surprise checks. They provide their reports to the Head Office.
In addition, our General Manager Organizes detailed checks by central functionaries as warranted by the overall feedback.

The monitoring system is an important aspect of our security services and keeps the whole security apparatus effective and vibrant, all the time. It effectively, precludes any chances of theft/pilferage from the client’s assets/facility.