Our Company

With an impeccable track record of security services since 1978. Sentinel has now diversified into Alarm Monitoring Station Services, as this is the ultimate security concept of the future being practiced by the developed countries for many decades. Relying on neighbours, dogs and watchmen to keep burglar away is like living in the past century.

Sentinel Alarm Monitoring Station

SAMS provides a tamper proof electronic security umbrella to your facility covering intrusion, theft/burglary, fire, gas-leakage, personal emergencies. 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; while you are asleep or away.

What We Provide

A state-of-the art computerized facility manned by highly skilled and trained personnel for rapid response. This computerized station receives distress signals transmitted from the digital connector attached to the electronic alarm system installed at the clients facility. The alert staff then dispatchesappropriate help to the effected facility. This operation centre works round-the-clock throughout the year


Rapid Response Team

On ascertaining the authenticity of the digitally triggered alarm SAMS shall immediately dispatch a mobile Rapid Response Team to reach the affected facility within 3 to 9 minutes. Our operator while intimating the nearest Police Station (if desired by you) shall guide the “Rapid Response Team” through the shortest route by the exhaustive network of computerized city map programmed in the monitoring station. The reliability of our monitoring and the speed & accuracy of our alarm response would spark everyone’s interest.

Advantages Of SAMS

• 24 Hr. protection of your premises.

• Identification of source of alarm zone.

• Additional protection to your lives & assets.

• Availability of mobile “Rapid Response Team” at your premises.

• Intimation to police, fire, medical or your designated contacts

• Deployment of additional security personnel in case of exigency

• Routine maintenance check of your security alarm systems.

• One of worlds most advanced technology to constitute the nerve centre of SAMS

What We Install

• Burglar Alarm System

• DVRS & Remote Surveillance

• CCTV & Door Phones

• Access Control System

• House Alarm